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Obserevational Drawing assessments

End of semester comments:


Student 1 N:
Your work integrates the 5 perceptual skills of Betty Edwards by defining edges using line, changes in value, and contrast in color.  You have enlivened the negative space of the compositions with texture, gradation, and complementary color causing the focus to be clearly directed inside a complete and balanced composition.

Next steps are to work on the proportion of portraits by careful measurement of the facial to the cranial parts of the skull and blocking in anatomical landmarks before engaging in detailed rendering.

Overall this work is strong in terms of composition and its ability to convey clear and engaging meaning, or Gestalt.  Good work.

Observational drawing SP12

Student 2 C:
Your work shows a growing strength in your understanding of light logic and the dynamic releationships between light and dark.  Your heads show a growing understanding of proportional relationships and methods to measure the parts to the whole.  You have built upon your structured use of value patterns by using color in strategic limited and effective color palettes.

Next steps are to practice drawing from life to get a wider range of expressions.  I also advise research into specific colorists in your field and doing some field trial sketches in color palettes of professionals whom you admire.

Overall your work in the class has achieve a variety of high standards of implementing the 5 perceptual skills, especially in light logic and relationships in the service of telling a compelling visual story with value and color.  Good work.
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