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Mona Brookes Drawing with Children

I found a cool book at Terra Toys called Drawing with Children by Mona
Brookes.  She has created a handy chart of the alphabet of shapes
which breaks down drawing into parts you can lego together and reach a
satisfying structure to add on to with shading or color.  This
component part structure helps students to hold off being
self-critical until they have something actually built/drawn to look
at.  Students are often so insecure that they start the telling
themselves they can't draw after the first line on the page.  Courage
kids courage!

Anyway Mona is quite an entrepreneur like Betty Edwards (Drawing on
the Right side of the Brain)  and has not only the books but also
seminars and franchises MONARTS schools.  I wrote to her to ask about
a seminar and she called me.  We had a great talk on the phone.  She
also works with teen and adult learners and lives near Pixar. She
said the day before she'd visited a drawing class for animation (what
I teach) and we just got into it and found many common experiences and
directions.  So in the fall I'm thinking of going out to Berkeley to
do a 2-day session with her with focus on drawing for animation.  I
want to see what she does, although I can tell a lot from her books.  

I also am interested in her business savvy.  

During our WEST studio tour there
was a lot of interest in iPad drawing and sword painting lessons so Bret
and I made a brochure and may do some classes at the Green House, Austin this summer.
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