honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Student work in Observational Drawing

In week 10 in observational drawing the students were to do an original drawing from observation that was inspired by the work of an artist they admire.  We broadened the concept of observational drawing into three general directions.

Observation of another artist: One student was insprired by a contemporary artist and the other student was inspired by Monet. In class we looked at a Monet landscape and discussed his techniques.

Observation of nature:  Next we went outside and looked at the landscape in the fading light and picked up natural object to inspire us and also to paint with for texture.

Observation of materials: We came back to the classroom and I showed how to paint tree bark with mulch how to use found object to apply paint and how to print with leaves to get texture and shape.

Students were then free to interpret the plants and objects they brought from the outside and these two drawings resulted.

Drawing inspired by Monet painted in acrylics.

Drawing and collage inspired by contemporary artist in a magazine.

Tags: observational drawing, student work, teaching

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