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Student work in Observational Drawing

The challenge for this drawing exercise is to draw a folded piece of paper without using lines, concentrating on shapes and values.

Toned paper to draw on
White piece of paper to fold into still life form
Strong directional light such as flood light
White and black pastel or paint
If using a white piece of paper as a still life then it is key to have toned paper to draw on.

Model the beginning steps by drawing the large shapes, not lines, of the foldes using white drawing material.  Show how to blend in black to get the gray shapes as light falls on the planes of the folded paper.

Folded Paper form for Observational Drawing
The folded paper still life is lit from right side with single light source.  Other lights in the room muted or turned off.

Student drawing by Nemesis
Student drawing by Nemesis in white and black pastel on warm tan paper.

Observational Drawing by Christian
Student drawing by Christian M. in acrylic paint and charcoal on gray pastel paper.

Teaching reflections:
Students built up the large shapes and were able to see relationships between light planes and darker planes and the key shapes of the folded paper.  The small class size with very compatible students created an open and positive learning environment.  Students agree on global instrumental music to play. The students have a strong commitment to learning.  They are also willing to experiment and share art supplies.  Overall this class has thrived by creating a focused learning community with a willingness to do the work, conduct research on artists they admire, try new supplies and techniques, and ask questions to clarify their understanding.
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