honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

opera tears, dancing guide dog

Dead Man Walking was FABULOUS! I haven't cried that much at an opera in ages! I wore my La Pla (Lamar Plaza) finest and my new metal purse and a strange man actually told me I looked wonderful and asked what the fabrics in my outfit were. Rayon of all kinds from chiffon to krinkled silver. I saw Joe, AOL's deposed creative director, in the intermission and went up to him toasted him with my glass of champagne and said, "Thank you for bringing this opera to us." He put his hand to his heart and bowed. A fine impresario to impresaria moment. My composer and his wife got the front row seats next to me for this season. It's wonderful to go to the opera with your own composer:-) I do sometimes feel like royalty - deliciously delusional.

The dissertation introduction is going slowly due to these cultural events keeping me and my laptop from coffee housing. Tonight John and his guide dog, Dillon, are going to be in the Sharir dance show.

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