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Design Fundamentals Final Projects

The students in Design Fundamentals are new to the school.  My job is to give students a professional context of the educational process in which they are enrolled.  The final project focuses on each student's area of specialization.  Here are a few final projects from different disciplines.


Jessie H Wolverines ride
This student took thousands of shots riding with a biker gang through the Texas hill country.

Mario A Photo Spr 12
This student wanted to suggest loneliness and captured this door through a tear in the fabric of a plastic dropcloth.

Interior Design
Brandon DogHouse Spr12
This interior design student designed a very high end interior for a dog house.

Graphic Design

Ashton B Everlast Ad2
This graphic design student used his garage and tattoos in a design for sporting equipment.

Ayssa H CD cover
This graphic design student created cover art for a band.

Media Arts

Ben D Drawing Bench Spr12
Ben is a student who wants to go into the concept art field of game design.

AC Character Sp12
AC is a student who wants to enter into character design in the game arts program.

Feedback from a student:

Also wanna take this time to say, Thank You for teaching me alot with in the design process  and techniques which i Knew sum of visually but didn't know the names, and How you help me to teach myself to better understand them.

I would like to remain in touch, and show u my future progress with the schooling and my continued work on my own original idea of my Graphic novel/animation/.. I'm truly opened minded to whatever i need to learn to make that happen with in my field of Animation/CGI.

So just wanna say Thanks again, for making the class fun and creative, artistically and showing me how these companies work and how to approach them with my own ideas. Basically showing us how to be professional.

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