honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Layout of dissertation

The 7 chapters of my report form a collage of pieces that could have been arranged according to any number of patterns, but the data seems to fall into the following ways of telling its story. The introduction is followed by Chapter 2 about methods, a meditation on grounded theory and collage/moticos. Chapter 3 listens in on how mail artists use message boards. Message boards are an informal data stream throughout the research and provide a constant background discussion of the topics I am considering. Chapter 4 is a case study of the Travelling Art Mail (TAM) website and its creator, Ruud Janssen. Janssen’s 1994-98 interview project set the stage for this research because Janssen started to ask questions of networking artists about their uses of computers and the Internet. Chapter 5 is a series of essays that are distillations of interview data I collected to determine the effects of the Internet on individual mail artists. Chapter 6 is an alternate set of data in the form of actual mail artworks. These artworks provide nuanced attitudes from the artists’ natural communication media and range from simple drawings and rubber stamp impressions to complex collages and digital images. Chapter 7 is the implications chapter in which trends and patterns found in the data are analyzed for implications for the current mail art network and for glimpses into the ever-evolving future of correspondence art.

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