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Block Printing - Sea Creatures

Calder Spider and 2 Sharks Postcard by Honoria Starbuck July 2012 Sharks and Pen over Monoprint Postcard by Honoria Starbuck JL12
Blue Shark Print - SOLD

I have been block printing lately.  I found some nice sharks swimming around the Internet for my source of inspiration. 
The hammerheads are printed with Archival stamp pad ink. 
The orchid sea spider is an hommage to Alexander Calder's 1947 La Mer scarf, here printed in Speedball printing ink.
The pen is a store-bought rubber stamp printed with Archival stamp pad ink.
The "h" is my hand-carved chop printed with Archival stamp pad ink. 
Prints are dated and signed on the back.

These are original single prints 4.25 by 6 inches on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. 
There is only one print of each, although there are variations of the shark and sea spider on blue.
These two are available for sale at $25.00 each.  The price includes USA postage.
Availability expires August 1, 2012 or date sold prior to August 1st.
After August 1st the prints will go into my Archive to come back for sale during the WEST studio tour 2013.
Leave a comment before August 1st if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these original prints directly from the artist - me:-)
Tags: mail art, poppies, postcard, print

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