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pinhole camera


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From chaos to high grades
pinhole camera
ART106 MidTerm Collage SUM2012
Photo by Brandon Studebaker

Design Fundamental student teams were tasked with illustrating chapters to create on the whiteboard an illustrated first half of the textbook on Design Principles. Students were inspired by Ed Emberly books to create simple illustrations.  Then students gave each illustration a caption.  Finally the students found professional applications of the concepts from magazines and linked professional magazine images to the illustration. The resulting collage pictured above became a source of information for their exam.  The collage contained key terms, simple drawn illustrations and professional contexts. From Chaos came Grade A's.

This project was social learning in action.  During the conversations in creating their chapter students used, understood, and illustrated the subtopics of the principles of design.  Each chapter team put together an illustrated unit showing all the important concepts in the chapter.  The social interaction with the images, concepts, and vocabulary was the real test.  They did a traditional 20-minute midterm exam after this activity.  The first activity was the real midterm and the second written test was the official mid-term.