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Before and After - Expressive Drawing Exercise

SeanBoxAG12 Seans Still life AG12

This student is naturally very timid in drawing and interacting with the class.  He is working toward a game art major in which timidity in drawing will not be an asset.  Steven Aimone's expressive drawing technique works wonders for students who are shy to use color or bold forms. 

First students grab 3 colors of pastel and post a sheet of white paper to the board.  I use magnets on the whiteboard to hold the papers. Groups of students dash to their sheet 3 times for 2 seconds each and scribble, each time using a different color.  This action is in strong contrast to the seated drawing positions they are used to. The dashing and scribbling large color shapes also frees up the mind and encourages them to use larger drawing muscles.

After students have 3 layers of fast scribbled colors they take the paper back to their drawing horse with a paper towel and can soften the background if they want.  Then they use whatever medium they like to complete an observational drawing on top of the crazy abstract background. 

Teaching Reflection
As you can see in these two contrasting drawings the drawing on the scribbles is stronger in value contrasts and in overall composition.  Although students love this exercise in the past they have not repeated it on their own.  I plan to set this activity for one or more drawings for the rest of the semester because the results are that the drawings become more realistic and satisfying to the students. 
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