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ART 106 Shape element activity

ART106 Shape posters AG12
5 posters by Design Fundamental students.

Large paper
Art supplies
Simple shape forms and stencils

Create a poster for the Shape element of design.  The design is to express the importance of the element to the design.

Each member of the team creates a rough idea.
The team evaluates the strongest elements of each rough idea and creates a sketch and pitches the idea to the teacher for feedback.
The teacher questions the students and helps them to clarify their design.
Students work as a team to create the poster.
Students post the finished posters and discuss how the message of shape is communicated in each example.

Teaching Reflections
Students built on their unorganized experience last week in creating a poster about the Element of Line.  Students were better prepared with art supplies. The addition of the requirement to pitch the idea to the teacher seemed to open communication. After the pitch was successful all the teams continued to request feedback and ask questions about art techniques, media, and design options. Overall this activity built trust and communication resulting in students eagerness to get teacher feedback and use the teacher as a resource.
Tags: design fundamentals, student work, teaching

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