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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Mail Art du jour
pinhole camera
MailArtThreeAG12 MailArt4AG12

Today I answered Mail art calls from 2012 with some postcards.

LESS from Nula Horo in Kassel Germany a request to write a sentence using the word "less"
My sentence is The more in the mind, the less in the memory. and the illustration is some India ink.

The next is a request for a self portrait from Mariagrazia Benvenuti in Rome.
This is a toonpaint photo from my iPad printed then rubber stamped with mail art messages.

The next is the theme of Soul Reflections by Anete U. in Latvia.
I have been reading about Vincent van Gogh in 2 books recently and carved this sunflower in his honor. 
My reflection is that Vincent's soul lives on in his art.

The top left of the four square is on the theme of HOMELESS from Istanbul.
The lone abstract being is surrounded by the real dangers of homelessness.

Top  upper right in the four square is in response to the theme of Blue Moon Romania in response to a call from Ana Spinu.

The lower left in the four is in response to a call on the theme of Oracle from Patricia Gayone in Buenos Aires.

The lower right in the four is in response to a call on the theme of Grafismos del Bajo also in Argentina.

That's the mail art for today.