honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Observational Drawing Lemon Day Fall 2012

3 classes successfully drew lemons with a single light source in Week 3. 


Here are student comments from Lemon Day.

What I learned today is that we work great as a class.  I also learned to use my positive/negative space with my lemons.  I see that my shading is getting better than it was before. My edges are looking better because I'm lettings the background hit them instead of making a smooth line [around an object].

I learned what kind of paper was good for using pastels and found out I liked pastels.

I learned today that if you pay close attention drawings can tell a story.

By using the rule of thirds I was able to pinpoint a space on a sheet of paper to make the lemon stand out and not be so bland. By using this technique I was able to figure out the use of positive and negative space.
Tags: lemon, student work, teaching

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