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Observational Drawing Mid-Term Drawings

The ART 108 Observational Drawing classes have passed through mid-terms with flying colors and strong contrasts.

ART108AlyOC12  ART108OC12Aly Art108RyanOC12 ART108OC12Sabrina Art108StephOC12

Student comment by Sabrina.

  • I remember taking a class similar to this once, but the past couple of classes have helped me improve on my drawing skills greatly. It has taught me to see the value in a different light. This class also covers more of the subject and talks about the mood of the piece that I never realized that I was accomplishing till now. What is also new to me is the style of light to black to light in a piece of artwork. Even though the class seems tedious sometimes it's help me in the long run making me have appreciation for the class and my work.
Teaching Reflection:
It's not fun to hear your class called tedious, but then look at the work.  Attention to light logic and composition is paying off in terms of student success.
Tags: observational drawing, student work, teaching

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