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Grounded theory and the collage of data

Grounded theory is what the poor social scientists have to use while artists like this researcher can use collage. I'm now beginning the methods chapter.

Dada Photomontage and net.art Sitemaps by George L. Dillon is an analysis of a number of net.art site maps compared to Dada collages.

Quote du jour:
The emerging metadiscipline of interface ecology provides an alternative to these compartmentalized towers of Babel. Interface ecology forms an intellectual basis, which territorializes processes of combination among systems of representation. That is, conceptual collage is elevated to the same level of significance as its particular constituent disciplines. To restate Duchamp, a discipline is a urinal.
The Conceptual Space of Collage, from CollageMachine to Interface Ecology and Back by Andruid Kerne

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