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Art 108 First Head Drawings

These are the first head drawings done by students who are studying Observational Drawing.  It is clear that the students are transferring confidence in values and chiaroscuro from the objects to a real model.

Instructions and tactics
I ask students to rough in a head shape then shade one half the face dark to create an abstract mask looking drawing.  Then they shade the background on the light side.  Next they put in dark shapes for the orbits of the eyes.  This gives them the overall proportions of the head quickly and they gain confidence.  I did a lot of hands on erasing and adding values when students asked so that they could see how easy it was to mold the forms of the darks and lights closer to the patterns of darks and lights on the dramatically lit model.

Student comments

Dorothy: Today I drew my first human head!  It was very educational hot to draw the face in proportion - unity and balance within the drawing.  It was nice to actually put chiaroscuro into good use in adding the wanted detail in the face.  The light logic and use of charcoal helped bring it to life.  What an awesome technique to practice.

Russel: Today I learned how to draw people.  Using the different shades to create the drawing rather than using lines helps a lot. Utilizing the positive and negative space helps too when aiming for ... Gestalt.
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