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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Cardmaking Mixed Media Sandbox
pinhole camera
Sandbox is a 1-hour extra credit drop in session in which I bring different art supplies from home, give a brief demo of the art supply of the week, then let students experiment with the medium.  Yesterday 2 students asked if they could bring dates to sandbox.  What a nice afternoon break.

Yesterday I brought several media to work in mixed medium methods.  Students used my hand carved parrot fish with rubber stamp ink, watercolors, speedball printing ink, stencils, splatter painting, brayer painting. wet into wet watercolor and collage to create cards.  I had brown kraft cards and envelopes as well as off white watercolor cards.  Here are the experiments from yesterday.

Unfortunately my hammerhead shark lost his head during transport to the sandbox.  I am carving a new 4" hammerhead today.