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David Bowie?


The student model loved it that other students said her portrait looked like David Bowie, which raises a question.  Is it more important that a portrait looks like the portrayed or someone the portrayed likes to look like? -- I hereby name this phenomenon the Art 108 Ziggy Stardust effect.

Student comments
I'm improving bit by bit each class. Every time I think I mess up I actually improve my art.  So I learn valuable art lessons by messing up.  I can ALWAYS fix things. So it was a good day.

Today I learned how to draw a hand and a face with basic shapes, like blocks.  I found it easier to draw using the shapes rather than using the point of a pencil.

I learned a new medium, the India ink.  The range of value you could get from it is great and highly interests me.

Today I experimentes with using paint brushes to blend charcoal.  I never realized that was a technique.

I have learned that I need more practice drawing real humans.  I'm getting there.  I'm slowly moving away from the cartoony style.  I did nice chiaroscuro on my portraits.  I did some boxing in the darks before I put in detail.  It made it much easier.  I think I showed good use of positive and negative space on my last drawing.
Tags: observational drawing, student work, teaching

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