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Students draw on black paper

Art108BlackSpencerFa12 Art108BlackAziaFa12
Soccer ball by  Spencer.

Art108BlackMorgenFall12 Art108BlackRipleyFall12Art108blackFA12Morgan

I bought a package of black construction paper at Hobby Lobby and pulled it out last night for students to try.  The results were amazingly swift.  Students jumped on color and form with confidence that they did not have drawing on white paper.

Student comments
  • I used black paper today.  I really made the color pop and look great. I found it exciting and challenging to make darker colors pop out against the black.  Love expanding my mind in art!
  • Today I enjoyed using the black paper for our drawing sessions. Changing the values of the artwork created a different mood.  Also when creating the cast shadows with black on black paper it had a greater impact.
  • Today we got to use black paper to draw our compositions on.  It really makes the colors pop and a brighter Gestalt overall.

Teaching reflection

Students suggested that drawing on black paper was much easier and that I should introduce the black paper earlier in the term.  One student said it was too easy:-)
Tags: observational drawing, student work, teaching

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