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mail art as fractal

I got an email with Ryosuke Cohen's quote for mail art as a fractal which I will add to the introduction. http://www.h5.dion.ne.jp/~cohen/

In Mail Art,the network expands as A to B, B to C,and so on. It is not only limited to peer communication. In fact,you can put collages on the mail you receive and send it back,or you may be able to send other artists'ideas into your own mail. As a whole body,it appears as a brain constructed with numbers of compiled and complex nerve cells,which are created in a non-linear order.

     What I think,by making Mail Art pieces everyday, is that Mail Art is a dynamic medium. In other words, Mail Art consists in dynamism, because you can be more than a mere individual, able to be free to create art pieces with a new attitude, just being a fragment of the whole Network and sharing fragmental parts of many other artists.

This morning I'll type in last night's edits into the methods chapter. Another editing sweep this evening, add the Venn chart of overlapping sources of data, and the flow chart of collage/grounded theory and this methods section should be pretty close to ready to send to Advisor John.

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