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the Beach & the Books

The Beach: I had a blast under the influence of Leigh's book.   Painting little paintings on the beach in Florida.

I painted with sand, pelican and seagull feathers and and shell fragments.

I painted impressions of pelicans.  Everyone loved the pelicans although the little paintings were not in the least realistic, and this was my family, a realism lovin crowd.  A Japanese mail art friend wants me to send him feathers from the beach.  I've forwarded the request to my brother.  I came home with only 2 seagull and 1 pelican fresh feathers and a couple plumes coated-with-acrylic-washed-in-seawater stiff.

I painted impressions of the ocean waves rhythm and force with glitter paint from the local walmart.

It was so much fun.  Now I am collaging the little ocean paintings onto the stalled sportscars underwater series and I'm quite happy with the results.

Getting ready for the new term on Monday I'm reading a cool book called Drawing with your eyes closed:  the art of the art assignment by a number of artists recalling dynamic art challenges by former teachers that made a long-lasting impression on them even if they didn't get it at the time.

really weird book. with really bizarre drawing assignments

I'm also reading an also really weird 2 book (so far) series about a character called Dewey Decimal in post-apocalyptic NYC.

Today we had an all-day faculty meeting.  It was actually fun because the dynamic faculty development committee decided to skip the corporate powerpoints and play with each other in teaching strategy bananza exchange of ideas.  I love our faculty - there is an amazing team of 3 who are making a short film about a prisoner who had to ride to death row 3 times over 30 years and the guard who accompanied him each time over the 30 years.  There were other teaching show stoppers called Rock Star Lectures - featuring a faculty member's absolutely favorite lecture.  Really fun to watch good teachers teach.  It was rather like a TED talk but more intimate and meaningful.

I need to glue all the parts of my ocean above and below together and complete this series for the West Austin Studio Tour in the spring.  


Teaching 5 classes again.  Yikes.
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