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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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pinhole camera
I'm trying to overlay indigo washes on a bunch of paintings but I'm finding that liquitex and golden indigo which I happen to have are not really indigo in feeling and in weirdness.  So tomorrow I'm going to buy some W&N Indigo.  I hope W&N indigo acryl is as wierd as their indigo watercolor.  Anyway I'm having a good time trying to recall the energy of the beach after a week of teaching.

If not a layer of the watercolor goes on with a spray of fixative...wheeeeee...

I'm going to try to hang a bunch of pictures for a showing of the house on the Austin Modern Homes Tour.  I even bought some frames at Salvation Army to hang framed stuff.  My beach pictures are little so I'm taking previously unfinished or just plain rotten paintings on good paper and putting these indigo and some other colors like gold powdered pigment (ha ha) over them and they will serve a big dynamic mats for the little pictures.  Then I'll cut the background paintings to match the size of the frames and put the little paintings direct from the oceanside onto the background indigo/gold/india ink stained on top of failed paintings and Voila.  Someone will love them. I think I will.  I may add a hand carved fish print for good measure.  Or a ....
anyway that's what's happening this weekend.