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Studio Revitalized

We opened our home to a thousand people on Saturday as a stop on the 2013 Austin Modern Homes Tour.  Getting ready entailed a month of intense preparation including sheet rock replacement for settling cracks and repainting the office and hall.  We also had to move masses of small stuff into boxes to hide in closets.

My art studio was in its usual state of creative chaos and I was just going to close the door on my studio and let no one in. 
StudioBEFOREjan2013Studio Before in creative chaos:-)

Then I thought, since we are staging the home, I'll just concentrate on staging one room - my studio, and let Knut and architect Jonathan deal with the rest of the house.  So I started looking for a professional organizer and stager.  I found Margaret Edwards at http://www.hey-icandothat.com

Margaret came for an estimate.  She stood in the middle of the floor and did a slow tai chi speed 360 of the room and then told me she could come in two half-day sessions in which we would start with the big elements in the room. She suggested to move the dresser (art supply drawers) into the middle of the room to form an island.  When she said that I knew the room could click.  She also suggested moving the print rack away from the sink so I could have better access to the water for painting.  She came, we moved.  We put things into piles of "trash, treasure, and gifts" with only the treasure to be kept. She came again a few days later and we actually staged the show space for the open house.  Marty Spellerberg kindly came a few days later to curate the pieces to be hung and to hang the show.
And I sold a painting - yay.  Earned back some of Margaret's quite reasonable fee.

StudioAFTERJan2013Studio After with Margaret.

The studio now works much smoothly and efficiently for creative arts.  I have the sink right next to where I work.  I have the art supplies close at hand on both sides of the work surface as well as in drawers just below the work surface.  I have magnetic panels to hang unfinished and finished work to look at or to show off.  And I am rid of clutter but still have the bits and pieces for collage and small work.  In addition to the visible spaces, Margaret organized my art supply closet where I keep boxes of small paintings as well as art materials that are used less often, such as paint sticks and rubber stamp supplies. 

I have been making a series of 22" x 30" paintings that fit well on the work surface. Because there is room to hang unfinished work, I can see the interrelated parts of the series more easily. The new arrangement naturally facilitates my work flow and I could not be happier. 

Margaret is also a natural teacher.  She opened her thoughts in a dialog that helped me to see the new structure and how it relates to my old structure.  Margaret asked questions about the patterns in the room before such as paintings organized by size and materials organized by type and frequency of use.  Then she created a more efficient pattern in the room that is natural to me, but that I didn't ever see because when I got into the studio I was always making the current piece, not looking at the space as a whole.  Margaret was able to weave my priorities and working methods seamlessly into the space and I am deeply grateful for her expertise as well as what she taught me. 

If your studio is not working for you I recommend Margaret Edwards to help arrange your space to flow with your creative process.
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