honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

The Modern Homes Tour art installation

Photo by Olympia Sobande

This is our living room with the new show of my recent work up on the walls. Thank you to Marty for curating the show.  The 5 pieces next to Knut's RC sail plane are paintings from the beach collaged onto wabi sabi painted watercolor paper.  Together the paintings and backing form the whole of each composition.  The wabi sabi gold backgrounds form a strong contrast to the fresh wind blown beach paintings. There goes Knut up the stairs.  Thank you Olympia for the great photos. 

Paintings in this photo are for sale now through the dates of WEST studio tour April 27th 2013.
Price is 298.00 dollars each framed image for local pick up.
Shipping outside of Austin will be calculated upon request.
Tags: family, painting, poppies

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