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SXSW edu 2013 reflections

SXSW edu reflections for students

A number of presenters are making strong cases for students to start and maintain digital portfolios.  Businesses are creating and pitching eportfolio platforms to institutions, but no matter what platform the takeaway is build your portfolio now.  You can pick from a number of platforms out there, such as Pathbright.  Or you can simply put your drawings, projects, and personal observations about your learning into a blog, digital gallery, or online community in a way that clearly shows your professional trajectory in our knowledge economy.  The average student will hold 7 different jobs and online portfolios will be a key to success in the future.  One of my favorite theme on this topic was Curating the Artifacts of Your Learning.

Reflections for teachers

Encourage students to build online portfolios as they learn
Use tips from effective training manuals to get good ideas for interacting with students
Use fun physical objects to stimulate conversation
To be added: Class tip for instant interaction & feedback --  hold up card answers for quick verification of understanding (4 fold paper with different color quadrants from Alex F.)
Create blogs and posts that promote our brand as a specific school and illustrate our student accomplishments

Reflections for organization
Establish eportfolios to promote our brand as a specific school and illustrate our student accomplishments
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