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Kay's scalloped potatoes

Well, this morning, at 9 a.m. I was at Fred Meyer's buying potatoes and onions and sour cream.  Let me tell you, Mad, I passed through the kitchen on the way to the deck off the living room and heard TWO people saying, oh, those scalloped pottoes, have you tried the scalloped potatoes?  I made this huge dish, 18" x 8" or so, loaded with three kinds of cheese.  Cut off half the chives in the garden for the top and sprinkled in some poppyseeds.  I have to tell you, Mad, they were the hit of the party.  Of course, I am all gooey over that, and especially, because people who brought food had clearly had cooking lessons in French.

Peccorano Romano, Reggiano Parmigiano, and a sheep's milk cheese, Mancheko, and then, did I tell you, I covered the top with a quite heavy layer of chives from the garden sprinkled with poppyseeds?  Of course, I put quite a bit of butter and the sour cream and then milk in the bottom of the glass baking dish.
Can't tell you how much fun it was when people just began eating and when I passed through the kitchen and dining room everyone was saying, did you get some scalloped potatoes?  They are wonderful. IT WERE DE BUZZ!  The true test, though, was that ALL the healthy, strong men had TWO HELPINGS!  Love, Kay

I found a sugar free meatloaf to try:  http://www.sugarfreemom.com/recipes/meatloaf-with-oats/
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