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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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network and knotwork
pinhole camera
I'm reading interviews by other artists of Ruud Janssen on www.iuoma.org. Ruud's comments on computers and new communications-forms will form part of my chapter on the TAM website. There is a nice chart that Ruud uses to set up comparisons of the different communication forms from snail-mail to telepathy which is typical of Ruuds systematic and thorough thinking about issues of communication. I asked him about it and he wondered if it was up to date. I asked him on messenger but I didn't save the transcript properly, darn! I told him that the main area that had changed in my view was the phone option because so many people around the world have cell phones.

Most of the chapter will be the parts of each interview about computers and Internet back in 1996!

Here's a fun quote from CrackerJack Kid's interview:
"To network or knotwork, that is the question. The message (emailart) and messenger (networker) are the medium, not cyberspace or snail mail. "