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back to back 6-class weeks of teaching!

I won't do that to myself again.
I subbed for 2 other teachers, upping my last 2 weeks by 4 hours each to 6 classes a week.  Oh No!

Now it's over and I learned my lesson.  You betcha.

I bought this really weird Charvin tube of French acrylic called Rose Julie.
I can hear the voice of my dad saying, that's peptol bismol pink.
And it's really fun. I put a very ragged layer of Rose Julie (think action painting) on 3 different FAILED paintings.  Now I'm thinking of an opera pink glaze.  Then maybe an indigo shark and a Splash of GAMBOGE.  The poison.  Maybe a floating Calder shape in primary red.

The manager at Jerry's Art-a-Rama is still enthusiastic about doing a sportscars underwater show in August.  I have decided to keep doing the series with a "red tide" variation:-)  Once a time we went to the west coast of Florida and the red tide was in full spring and everyone was coughing due to algae off gassing.  Salvador Dali was there....actually his museum in Tampa.  What a trip.

I'm also doing a little series of strange zen things to illustrate Joe's new poems.  He had a quadruple bypass recently and came out of it writing 90 little paragraph poems.  I've been sitting on them after an initial splash of ink and paint on bamboo paper.  Now I'm stenciling rectangles on the splashes and what gets rectangled is the illustrations.
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