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Lemon Day Summer 2013

ART108 A1 Summer term 2013

Teaching Reflection
On lemon day students first draw a single lemon with a single light source after looking at a 3-minute video on chiaroscuro.  Even students who are shy are not afraid of a little yellow lemon and usually can see and draw the pattern of light logic. (Highlight, light mid-tones, crest shadow, dark mid-tones, reflected light, and cast shadow as well as local color)  Next they draw one lemon in the foreground and another lemon in the background getting skilled in creating the illusion of depth.

Hurray for Lemons!
Teachers: For more information on lemon day follow the lemon tag.

Student comments

Today was a great day for me in class.  Learning more about value, depth, and contour, etc… I used value on my lemons, making more of a realistic picture.  I used depth as well with my floor and background creating a more stable piece of artwork & making both lemons pop out and the front stand out more than the background.  How it should look!

Today I used realism for my drawings using chiaroscuro to bring out lights and darks of my lemon drawings.  I used cast shadows and crest shadows to make my lemons look real.  I am feeling more confident about my drawings because I wasn't aware that I could make a lemon look better just by balancing colors and values.

I learned not to be afraid of incorporating different colors and shading methods.  It's helped me make my drawings more life-like.  And I've learned how to determine the focal point better, as well as placement of the core and crest shadows.

Today I worked very hard and was very brave and experimental with my lemons.  I tried to get the idea of focus by blurring my front lemon and making my back one crisp.  I also make my back lemon smaller to show depth of field. I used lots of contrast to make my lemons pop.  I feel like I grew a lot today and gained lots of confidence.

Today I took my drawing skills to a new level.  I have learned to use more color in my drawings to give the piece of work a more dynamic presence.  I used structure in my drawing by determining how light lay on a spherical object.  By drawing the lemon I could functionally see how and where to put the values of black, yellow, and white.  I learned local color is the main color of the object being perceived. I could not fully understand how to draw reflected light but with time I feel I will get the hand of it.  Overall today was fun and I want to practice more. - Toni

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