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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Feeling Better - Yay!
pinhole camera
I am feeling so much better today. My voice is still squawky and rough but I'm not coughing and my energy is back.

I've been actually painting again today.
I put some stencil layers on parts of three new Sportscars Underwater (SCUW) pieces. I think they are looking more Max Ernsty than previously cause I'm in such a paint experimental mood. Also putting more layers into them.

The Sennelier is a better consistency for stencils with a sponge roller than the other acrylics I've tried. There is so much more pigment there. I've been mixing all kinds of whacko color combinations to see what happens and it's been exciting. I know stencils sound SO HOBBY LOBBY but I can't help it. I'm doin' it and it's working -- the paintings are better for adding the textures I'd never get with a brush. I'm also scraping and printing and sponging. The next Banksy I ain't. However, being shark printer during shark week is pretty OK.