honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Tidying up art project for design fundamentals

Ursus Wehrli's TED Talk is an illustrated vision for a more organized, tidier form of art -- by deconstructing paintings of modern masters into component pieces, sorted by color and size.


I can see students of Design Fundamentals doing a tidy up project after watching this video.
Inquiry questions might be.
What elements of art are in this work?
What element is most often repeated?
Why is that element so strongly represented in the composition?
If you tidy this up by element what order would the elements be ranked?
Why did the artist use more of this element?
Why did the artist use less of this element?

Possible project:
Select an artwork that you like and apply the tidy up technique to see patters of repeated elements.
Tags: design fundamentals, teaching

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