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Student comments Mid-Term Observational Drawing

I noticed people in this class are starting to really improve in their drawings and terminology. I am learning to take pride in what I am and improve on it instead of bashing it. People in this class are taking the right steps to become the artist they want to be just by applying themselves and not giving up. This is encouraging me to do the same. We are all here to get closer to our dream! I respect every aspect of that.
- LaToya E.

I learned that everyone has improved in one way or another. Everyone also had a piece of work that they believed was their best work done in this class. Even if it was someone's first time drawing, everyone has come a long way in this class and will keep improving in the next few weeks. Everyone was very positive when talking about their drawings and being positive helps the people around you know that you are proud of your work. I believe everyone is trying their best and will remain trying their best in this class.
- Jamie B.

I learned a lot about light source. I learned that whatever angle you observe the object and the drawing will come out completely different as far as cast shadow, light-dark, and the reflected light. I've also noticed that if I really focus and clear my mind I can draw anything.
- Christie L
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