honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Fashion Drawing does Carnival

Problem: Students said they wanted to learn more about color.

To relax and explore color options.
To test a variety of media to achieve color.

Resources:  So that students could see color in extreme fashion settings we visited sites related to Rio Carnival and Venice Carnival and Austin Carnival.

Materials:  We tried out different media to create color including color pencils, pastel, markers, and watercolor.

Assignment:  To design on top of student-created croquis an outfit that represented a color palette for Rio, for Venice, or for Austin Carnival.

Results:  Students forgot about their fear of color and launched into drawing dramatic outfits for Carnival. Some students selected to combine Rio and Venice.

Reflection:  We discussed how having a real world application and learning about existing color palettes will ease fears of using color.

Tags: fashion drawing, student work, teaching

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