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The Bell Curve

Student comment for a student struggling in life drawing:

I stagnated a lot at the beginning of the quarter, and stayed with old techniques I used
years before. It left me dissatisfied due to my lack of progress. I tried working with
charcoal in the beginning, only finding my work came out very vague with no definition. I
understood the need for traditional media but I phased into digital media in hopes of
obtaining more detail in work. I felt a little more free to make mistakes and use different
colors without much penalty, but my work still looked blobby. After experiments more
with blind contours and scumbling, I found a happy medium. My next issue though was
progressing to a polished result. I can't thank you enough Starbuck for telling me about
the bell curve, a technique that instead of erasing or modifying the original to progress,
one would duplicate it and work on the duplicated piece and progress on that, and if that
piece doesn't turn out one can always return to the previous and try again. Through
process in and of its self progress is made to the final piece via iterations of duplicated
and modified pieces. In my final two game characters concept I focused solely on
character and obtaining distinguishable features such as clothes accessories and faces.
Using what I had learned in studying the human anatomy I was able to block in the
figure and pull their rough forms into individual characters.
(A final thank you to you Starbuck, at first i was unsure of your teaching methods but i
now am great to have been your pupil, thank you for helping me work and think outside
the box!
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