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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Student comment as articulate professional
pinhole camera
In the Winter quarter of 2013 I did an internship with Ross Bennet, the local and former contestant of Fashion Star. Through him I learned a lot as a person and as a leader.
I have kept in contact with him and help him out every now and again with Public Relations for his company. Well, this past Saturday I filled-in for him at a charity fashion show where I was one of the judges.
After the fashion show the judges had to talk about the garments we had all just seen come down the runway. Well, this is a true testament to your class and how your style of teaching does work in the real world. I was able to use the "vocabulary" words we learn in class to describe the garments.
The other judges knew exactly what I was referring to and respected my opinion. The other judges are people in the Fashion Austin scene and were pleased at how eloquent and knowledgeable I was with the proper terminology of things.
Kudos and Brava to you, Dr. Starbuck!
Thank you for teaching lessons and not how to take a multiple choice test.