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To get an A

During the first class we buzzed through the contents of Chapter 1.  You answered 1 of the questions on the list and made a tumblr or pintrest, instagram, or started your paper textbook project. That level of achievement rates as a C. Good solid work.  Now--  To get an A you are to answer all the questions on the list on your blog and read chapters 1, 7, and 8 in the textbook as well as watch Week 1 and Week 2 videos on our class tumblr at hstarbuck.tumblr.com.

Come prepared to list the elements and  3 aspects of the creative process  in a quiz.
Be able to fill in the Form Follows  ____ blank____   in two or more different ways that designers have come up with over the generations.

You will be masters of the Creative Process - Chapter One
and be well on your way to becoming masters of Line and Shape!
That's why you strive for experience points in this class - to become design masters!

We will work on your Chapter 7 and 8 syllabus questions during the second class period.

Good work.
Send any questions you have and I'll send answers.

See you next week,
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