honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Intro to Eric Maisel

My name is Honoria Starbuck

I am an artist and a teacher.  I love my job teaching drawing at the Art Institute of Austin.  I have read several of your books and ideas from them percolate through my teaching.  I use the purpose statement idea to help students focus on their potential to do good in the world and make a difference.  Many come into school feeling a bit powerless since we are a for-profit school with entry requirements that are more open than many colleges and universities.

My art is squeezed between my job and happy home life.  I do small work or work in many layers that dry in between.  I amaze myself that I get so much done but I've spent years perfecting my insert-artmaking-here performance.

My art makes me happy and my job and husband pay the bills so I don't feel pressure to sell.  I show my work every so often and some sells.  I don't think of selling as a road to success for me.

Each student success is my passion now.  So I am taking this bootcamp to capture new skills and ideas to pass on to my students.

I used your purpose statement chapter to distill my purpose statement:
I use my creativity, skills, personality, and knowledge to live and to share a deeply creative life.
Tags: art, statement of purpose, teaching

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