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CA 233 First Day Survey Requests Fall 2013

I gave out a first day anonymous survey to find out what students wanted to learn in Life Drawing and Gesture.
Here are the results.

What topics do you want to make sure to cover in the class?

portraying gesture
quickly capture the essence without mudding the page
creating movement from stillness
hand gestures
structure and perspective
drawing things in motion
keeping a drawing simple
motion and fabric
emotion through gesture
more line quality explanation
techniques to draw the slow movement technique

What techniques do you want to learn about?

Color blocking an image
blind-line speed drawings
simplifying my work
focus on key lines
texture and flow of fabrics
compositions pleasing to the eye
quick emotive drawing
more dynamic movement into my figures
how to draw the slow motion continuous poses

Do you have questions after today's first class we should address in the second class?

Good technique for adding color
Simple drawing
More gestures
How did you personally begin to do gesture drawing and how did you improve (other than practice)?

Thank you for all the feedback.  I will address these in this week's class.

As for me personally, how do I begin a gesture drawing? I begin with the rhythm of the pose and the biggest most active forms I can see.
I also extend the gesture outside of the model since the gesture represents movement. I work very fast and loose.  I don't worry about any individual drawing but think of the whole drawing session as producing a series.  I edit the series, throwing out most of the gestures.  I also add more stuff on top of gestures that lack in authenticity but are are on good paper.  I even gesso over gestures leaving their ghost images and start a whole new drawing or painting.  Gesture drawing is practice drawing.  It is like exercise.  It builds your ability to think, see, and do simultaneously and efficiently.  Each time you do a "bad" drawing it means it's over, behind you, you did it and learned from it.  The next will benefit from having tried something and failed.  Eventually your authentic and efficient style emerges along with speed in drawing and capture of dynamic action.

How to improve other than practice?
Artists have been doing gesture drawing since the earliest prehistoric people. You can see their gestures of humans and animals on cave walls.  I learned a lot from art history.  In our library is a book of Rodin's gestures.  Rodin was a famous sculptor who did drawings all his life.  His drawings are the most direct and amazing gestures I've ever seen.  I do a lot of research into the gestures and prep drawings of other artists.  I love drawing for drawing's sake.  I don't need my drawings to lead to other art forms.  Drawing itself is one key element of who I am as an artists.  I love to draw, but more than that I have to draw.  A day without drawing is a drag for me.  These days I drawing on my iPad a lot.  In addition to drawing I research the drawings of historical artists and contemporary artists.  See what's out there and learn from your peers around the world through the Internet.

Your peers are on DeviantArt
Many students find that the DeviantArt site is a great place to find the work of other students, professionals, tutorials, and galleries of drawings.  You can also encourage the work of others and have your work critiqued on DeviantArt.

Thanks for asking.
Dr. Honoria

will take you to some of my  students' and some of my gesture drawings.
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