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ART 108 B2 First Day Survey Results

ART 108 C1 First Day Survey Results

What subjects do you want us to cover?

Make a good cartoon
Still life
Space and line
Shape and shadow
Blocking in
Linear perspective
Splatter painting
Light and position in space
Oil paint (I'm sorry we don't have the right ventilation for oil painting.  We will do watercolors and you may bring acrylics.  Did you know that there is a whole class dedicated to painting you can take?)

What techniques do you want to learn?

Using light, middle, and dark values
Soft shading, not seeing where my lines were
Distortions and transparency
Cast shadows
Creating volume
Accurate figure drawing
Speed drawing
How to paint

What art supplies do you want to know about?

India ink
Sumi ink
Color pencils
Liquid graphite
Copic markers
Odd ones:-)
Paint and pastel

What other aspect of drawing do you want to learn?

Realistic 3-D drawing
Different ways to do things
Artistic expression
Emotional output

Any question about today's class we should cover next week?

Background shading
What can we do outside of class to improve our skills most quickly?

What about head phones?
Answer: Headphones make it harder for me and others to connect to you for micro-learning.  I"m willing to discuss headphones on an individual basis.  Students who use headphones are the ones that don't progress as rapidly because they don't hear incidental critique and comments.  We strive to be connected as a creative team rather than isolated in our own soundscape.

You will be glad to know that much of this is already covered by the course content.  We will work with other requests except oil paint as we go along.

Thanks for a great first week.  I look forward to our adventure in drawing together.

Dr. Honoria
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