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FRM 131 Results of Day one survey

Student Survey Results from Day One
Here are the topics that you requested.  We will refer to these during the semester to make sure we cover them all.  I look forward to working with you to make sure you learn what you need to succeed.

Student answers to "Be sure to cover in class"
High fashion illustrations

Capturing different fabrics

Drawing folds

Different poses and textures


Drawing in 3-D, not flat

Broaden creativity

Mechanics of drawing croquis and garments on the body

Perspective of fabric falling on an object

Using dark colors

Different types of garments

Supplies Requested - We have some in the room, however, please bring your chosen supplies to class for instruction.
India Ink - Bring watercolor paper, bristol paper or illustration board for best results

Watercolor - Bring watercolor paper for best results

Markers - Bring marker paper for best results

Fine line markers and pencils for details

Prismacolors - Bring your color wheel

Graphite and pastels - Dress for mess with these techniques

Ebony pencils and smudging - bring tortillion and Maped erasers for best results

Overlapping colors - Bring your color wheel

Question:  Will we always be tracing the human form?
You can branch off from tracing at any time and draw freehand.
We will look at techniques for drawing accessories.
You may draw fashion accessories for animals if you like.

I look forward to our adventure in fashion drawing together!
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