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pinhole camera


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Lemon Day Fall 2013
pinhole camera
LemonDayFall2013Observational Drawing Fall 2013

Student comment:
Today's experience was one of great depth and learning - new skills, new experiences, and new techniques.  We began with a video on chiaroscuro, or the creation of depth in 2-D works by busing light and dark tones or values.  We practiced our new skills by creating an image of a lemon on a tabletop, then strengthened our abilities in a second drawing - all using pastels.  The review of the perceptual skills was helpful as we used all of the terms while critiquing our drawings.  Edges, values, relationships, positive/negative space, and Gestalt are evaluated in class drawings.  I will continue to use these ideas to develop my drawing and perceptual skills in the weeks to come.  Having never drawn before, every concept we have addressed helps me to become more professional and skilled.  Best of all, they allow me to have more depth as an artist.  I look forward to next week's class.  - Trey J.

I noticed that I started to use less outlines and edges to create my compositions today.  Instead I would block in with value.  It felt more natural and comfortable for drawing real life objects.  I was able to communicate what I wanted to put on paper much more easily.  I enjoyed using chalk pastels for the 1st time. - Phaelyb J