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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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copy day and delivery day are next
pinhole camera
I have been so stressed out but today my computer was at Knut's house and there was no way to get it so I was forced to relax. I read through the whole dissertation adding another layer of edits and decided it was just fine and whatever I get done twixt now and then will make it even finer. So I also made some postcards to send to mail artists and even hand wrote a couple of letters. This evening Knut brought the computer home and now I can type in the edits. Tomorrow will be dedicated to finishing. Then Thursday is copy day and Friday is delivery day.

After reading the last chapter then I read the new W magzine for a couture fashion fix. Then I came to the conclusion that I had entirely too many pair of black pants and that some I would not wear so I got out ALL my pairs of black pants (no, I didn't count them) and I divided them into summer, winter, and fancy pants. I ended up only getting rid of one pair - but I have been getting rid of not right black pants for a while now - only replacing them with too many good looking black pants and those zip jeans (jeans were not involved in today's orging). But anyway now I don't have too many in any category even though I have only one pair less than I did. I hung them in the studio closet with a divider blue jean hanging between summer and winter blacks.

Back to dissertating.