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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Old Toronto drawings resurface
pinhole camera
I used to draw with fine nibbed RapidoGraph technical pens.  They had to be shaken to get the ink to flow and they always clogged up.  But I made many drawings with those pens, as well as with dip pens and India ink.


This is Kay Bridge on her front porch in Toronto around 1978 with her cat and big dog, Red.


Kay with a string on her finger.  I don't recall what was at the other end. Maybe the future.


This is Kay sitting in her back yard in Toronto, no doubt telling one of her raucous, sexy, funny, & detailed stories.

The stump in Kay's back yard in Toronto.  Rapidograph drawing.

Kay in her bent wood rocker on the front porch looking over the profusion of marigolds growing in the front yard. Toronto mid1970s.

And finally Fletcher Starbuck's fantastic photo of Kay with her big dog, Red.