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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Ideogram: Goldfish
pinhole camera

I’m going to get out of this glass prison if it’s the last thing I ever do,
if I have to leap like a frog or play dead, float golden belly milky eye
up in a Sargasso Sea foul with uneaten food flecks gone to slime.

What a fate—to be dumped into a plastic bag of tap water and won
with a toss of quoits at the fair!  If goldfish had shoes with laces,
and a neck, and knew how boy scouts tie knots, I’d hang myself.

That swimming philosopher who claimed life’s a brief journey from
bowl to bowl had it right.  The final item on my bucket list is a joy
ride down the plumbing when my jailer gives the toilet handle a tug.

Joe Smith poem
Honoria Starbuck illustration

Alternative illustration