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Did it!

I just finished my dissertation.
Here's the abstract.
I will print and collate tomorrow and give to the committee on Friday.
I'm so excited!

honoria in ciberspazio

This study examines the effects of the Internet on an international
community of artists who have exchanged art through postal systems for 40
years. The methods of grounded theory are employed to collect and analyze
three types of data. The data are: literature collected from Internet
communities where the artists converse and publish artworks, interviews with artists who have experience in both electronic and traditional network
environments, and artworks made by artists to express their visual and
poetic responses to the Internet. The collected data reveal three clusters
of artists' concerns: social, artistic, and art historical. With global
electronic networks contributing toward technological change and aesthetic
shifts in their art, artists express concerns about shifting structures in
their social networks, the threat to their traditions and to the relics of
their own history. Artists identify complex interrelationships and
strategies that emerged during the 40-year history of the Correspondence Art
Network that are in jeopardy of being replaced by new technologies and new
forms of networking. The conclusion suggests future research in the fields
of aesthetics, women artists, the archives of the correspondence art
movement, and emerging networked art. Continued research into, and analysisof, creative networked systems will serve to protect the correspondence art archives, increase our understanding of a long-lived art movement, and highlight strategies for successful implementation of distributed communities across disciplines.

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