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Ideogram: Zucchini
pinhole camera

I knew about zucchini envy long before Farmer Freud.  I was barely
out of blossom when I began noticing that every okra in the garden
longed to be a squash like me.  And what a magnificent blossom!

Bold, orange, shaped like a trumpet to herald forth my grand entry.
Stage left.  Sleek skin with manly ridges, rough stem—my outsie
navel.  What farmer’s daughter doesn’t dream of grabbing hold?

The way a knee-high to a grasshopper hefts me, I know he dreams
of unzipping my like at a urinal someday, no longer looking up at
the tiles, cut down to size by an alpha male peeking his direction.


Joe Smith poet
Honoria Starbuck illustrations


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