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Wall of Ocean


I went to Santa Cruz this summer and sat by the ocean making little 5 x 7 inch paintings of waves hitting rocks.  They are both abstract and landscape.  Splash and horizon way out there.  Highly influenced by my dream painter right now John Marin.   I'm also going through love of Max Ernst's texture techniques.  I love playing with paint.

The hermit crab and cuttlefish are done from my Jacques Cousteau book.  Playing fast bigger sketches.  The bookmarks under plastic are my Feng Shui Relationship Good LucK Fish.  Put them in your marriage corner and have fun!  Fish pairs sell for $28 and they sell well even though I usually don't sell much these days.  I make them all the time as a way to trying out new paint and techniques.  They are fun to do and have about 10 different layers of paint and goo on them.  They just swim in and out of my life and good luck flows with them.  I think there is a local dealer who will take them and swim with them soon.  Also one is going to NYC with Loren and those painted fish like to be near water.

The photo is of the magnet wall in my studio just before Christmas.  During our Christmas Day dinner party a whole bunch of family members took advantage of my family discount and bought a bunch of them.  The money goes into my student art supply fund - I buy art supplies for my students to try out.
Tags: art, painting, teaching

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