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Pen Nibs inheritance

pen nibs UncleLaddie

While organizing my studio I unearthed this collection of pen nibs that I inherited from my Uncle Laddie. I also inherited a lot of his art and drawings. I never put a question together until just now. In all the art, including drawings, I recall and now own by Uncle Laddie, none are ink drawings. Why did he have all these pen nibs? It's a mystery. The most amazing pens are the ones labeled 314. They have a blunt end and make lovely flowing sensuous responsive India ink lines. I have used some. I seem to have a full box that says 144 pens. I haven't counted them. Since they have no moving parts if kept clean they don't wear out. I have lost the holder with that nib so I will fit a new one into a holder and do some drawings with my new acrylic flow inks.
Tags: art, family, india ink

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