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Smart Phone Policy in the Classroom

1/2 hour in-class team project:
Design Challenge: Smart Phone Policy

Problem Statement: Posted on Facebook by a former student:

I think there should be something about how another student has the right to take the phone and throw it across the room if they find it distracting esp a) it keeps buzzing (silenced is not the same as silent) and b) when they text it makes a clicking noise (I am looking at you, Eric !!)

i have to say one of my biggest beefs with classes was the improper cell phone use by other students and feeling I could do nothing about it.

This is your learning community.

What should our policy be for smartphone use in class? I welcome smart phones for class-related tasks such as researching answers to questions, finding examples for discussion, accessing the ebook text, and taking photographs of student work and homework on the board.

However, students texting in class is personally distracting because the course content is actively being ignored. Since I don't lecture that much, I feel especially downheartened when the person directly in front of me is texting when I'm trying to make an important point.

What should the written smart phone policy in the syllabus be?

a. Multitasking with texting and class participation are not compatible. Students deduct points from their participation grade based on texts.

b. When 3 students are simultaneously texting I will call a spontaneous quiz on the current discussion topics to ensure that the content is getting through to everyone.

c. Teacher should not care about texting in relation to student achievement - that's the student’s business. This assumes that texting does not lower the ability of students to be a full-functioning team member on frequent team challenges and that texting does not disturb other students.

d. Realize that students absent themselves from the learning community by texting and invite them to actually leave the room to text. For example, students may be given a ticket to leave to text.

e. Ask all students who text to sit in a spot where the teacher can't see them and other students can’t hear them.

OTHER suggestions welcome:-)


LIST: Benefits of smart phones in this class.

LIST: Downsides of smart phones in this class.

INCLUDE: Music and earbuds when the teacher is addressing you for micro-learning.

Create a class policy that addresses the benefits and downsides of smart phone use including texting and headphoned music.

Student created and student-implemented smart phone policy.

Team members:

Goal of Policy

Describe rules or incentives

Describe sanctions or procedures if student fails to comply with policy

Who is responsible for what?

Evaluation: How and when will we evaluate if the plan is successful?

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