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Fashion Drawing Spring 2014

Fashion drawing Spring 2014

Learning Objectives
To use traditional media similar to layers in a digital drawing program.
To create a system for building shape, silhouette, value, color, and edges effectively in a fashion drawing.
To combine flats into cohesive fashion looks.

Use gray paper to sketch a croquis pose from a fashion magazine
Elongate the pose in the photo
Check each others' drawing for proportions
Add an outfit on top of the croquis by combining the flats from today's flats activity
Use pastel to build out the volume, color, and lighting on the fashion illustration
Use white pastel to deliberately show volume against color and toned paper
Use India Ink to add crispness to the edges or drama

This was a pleasant set of tasks for the gifted students and more of a struggle for the more shy drawers in the group, however the results showed a full range of values and bolder colors than previous drawings.  Students were also able to get different textures and pull accessories into the look.  They added unity by tying color themes together.

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